Keepsakes of Those We Love, Made with Love

Welcome to Heavens Portraits, a compassionate creative service offering memorial and cremation oil painting portraits and of beloved persons or pets. Heavens Portraits offers a personal way of honoring your loved one and keeping them close to your heart. Find comfort, compassion and peace through a work of art. 

Memorial and Cremation Fine Art Portraits

Portrait Services

Heavens Portraits: Melford and Cindy

Memorial Portraits
~ commemorating those
who have passed~

Heavens Portraits: Hannah

Cremation Portraits
~ memorial portraits with cremation ash worked into the painting process ~

Portraits are painted by award winning and exhibiting Fine Artist, Tanya Isaacson. Tanya will work with you to be sure your experience is personal and the final work is a quality likeness of your loved one, that celebrates their individuality and their life.

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