Heavens Portraits' mission is to provide healing to those grieving a loss, through visual art and portraiture. Offered are two types of highly personalized services... Memorial Portraits and Cremation Portraits.


Each work of art is carefully created to bear a likeness of your loved one, and incorporate any personal elements you wish to include. The artist will work with you personally to understand your loved one's personality and special attributes, to create not only just a likeness but also capture a treasured, personal moment, giving you a special heirloom that will last generations.

What is a "Memorial Portrait"? 
A Memorial Portrait is a portrait created in the likeness and memory of someone who has passed. Memorial Portraits may be persons or pets, every situation is unique and treated with compassion. Whether it is a recent passing or years ago, there is no "time limit" for bereavement.  This service simply seeks to provide comfort to anyone who is suffering the loss of a loved one and help them through their grief process through a personal and meaningful work of art. The artist will work with you to create something that is personal, and that celebrates your loved one's life and the love you shared with them. 


What is a "Cremation Portrait"? 
A Cremation Portrait is a Memorial Portrait with the unique added feature of infusing cremation ash into the painting process. Individuals who are interested in an unconventional way of honoring a loved one, through a piece of custom fine art, may find this a fitting and comforting option, and additional way to commemorate their loved one. A very small amount of ash (less than 1 tspn) is required. This allows the bereaved to honor their loved one by not only having a personal and beautiful piece of fine art of their loved one, but they can also still commemorate them with more traditional methods, such as burial or scattering of the ashes.

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