After the fall... hope.

Part of a series, currently in development, is this piece, "After the fall... hope." The original painting is oil on linen, 36"x24". The garden represents "new growth", primarily a maturation of spiritual, emotional and/or psychological growth that occurs when faced with hardship or challenges of human existence. Originally, I did not plan for this subject to be an "angel". But as I painted it, as often happens while I paint, the piece in progress dictates to me, its own story. I "saw" the subject with wings, and knew that was how it needed to be painted. This painting was completed during 2020, in the throes of the pandemic, so she is called, "Hope". "After the fall..." refers to Genesis, and the fall from the Garden of Eden, but instead of darkeness and despair, I filled it with "hope", beauty, peace and new life.

Out of darkness comes light.